Why to choose Milesi

Milesi Sistemi, with 60 years of experience, is specialized in design and manufacture of control panels for industrial automation.

Milesi has customers all over the world, a proof of his international skills.

We offer to our customers innovative, functional and economical solutions thanks to the skills, flexibility, technical update and collaboration with the most important electric and electronic components manufacturers.

Another field, in which we are proud of substantial realization, is the home and building automation; a sector subject to continuous evolution, which we follow since the first EIB (KNX) products appearance on the market, until the installation of hitech audio systems.

We are also open to software and protocols development for building automation.

What sets us apart from the competitors is reliability in following our customers from the engineering to the commissioning, with the purpose to satisfy, at the best, their needs and expectations; this wouldn’t be possible if we hadn’t excellent skills, developed in a many years of work and with continuous research and professional formation.

We always get to the root of the problem, until all the parties involved are satisfied of the achieved results.

Other essential feature of Milesi is the competence.

In the company are actually working 15 people, with excellent skills, which are aware the quality expectations they must satisfy in each work, in order to meet the needs of our customers.

Milesi follows costumers in all project phases, from engineering to achievements, from commissioning to final test, offering a 360 degrees collaboration.
All process steps are done and followed inside the company; this is what sets us apart from the competitors, which rely to external intermediaries.

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