Home & Building Automation systems

The technology is subject to continuous evolution and more and more relevant in our life, allowing us to considerably improve our standard of life.

Also in our house or job, there is a stable growth of the devices that make them more comfortable and warm. The increase of the potential and the complexity of living systems make arise the need for an unified control system, intuitive and easy to use.
Thanks to automation, today it is easy to interact with the various devices in a building. Through the use of special panels or your mobile phone, you can also remotely control your home, having the chance to control everywhere and at everytime the status of the various systems.
Don’t forget that the optimized control system also allows a significant energy costs reduction, thanks to the use of automated systems that limit waste and increase the efficiency of the electrical and thermoregulation system.
Milesi Sistemi Srl offers its experience in building automation and integration systems and proposes solutions oriented to integrate building automation for every need.


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