Intelligent control of the building in the name of energy efficiency

Milesi Sistemi has recently been involved in the construction of a home automation system for the management of the cutting edge housing concerning the saving and energy efficiency.

Wanting to aim for the highest degree of energy classification, customer requirements were quite rigid: for this reason we have choosen the undoubted quality products, which allow to obtain every requirement imposed by the project.
KNX and AMX were the key words of this realization, characterized by the complexity of the systems that we had to manage.

Through logic and special scenarios, the house lives and “breathes” independently, minimizing consumption, while ensuring comfort and livability.
The system constantly monitors the electrical and water systems, acquiring consumption data and making it available to the user for further analysis.

Motorized roller shutters are automatically operated by the sunlight, to exploit the natural heat of the sun and further to reduce the consumption due to local heating during the day.
The control of electrical loads occurs according to freely set priorities avoiding the excess of the required power.

The HVAC technology is totally managed by supervision, which allows both automatic and manual management, at your own risk.

The home automation system also integrates security system by allowing you to control remotely your home and also enables you to match the input of the alarm via scenarios.

The pinnacle of confort is the opportunity to create your own scenarios whenever you want and as you like.

VOIP video entry allows you to divert calls to a mobile phone, in case you are not at home.

The system also integrates the irrigation system with a control of 8 independent zones.

You can manage all the system with a wide range of devices: touch panels, PCs, iPads and smartphones.

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